Overhead Sprinklers

Uniform Irrigation and Improved Efficiency

Overhead Sprinkler:
Intel Size (in)                              : ¾
Radius Coverage (m)                    : 12.2-14
Operating Pressure (kg/cm2)     : 1-4
Discharge (lph)                           :1494 – 2868
Applications      : Field Crops, Fodder Crops, Turf & Landscape.

HDPE Coupled Pipe and Fittings

a) PCN (Pump Connecting Nipple)
PCN is used to connect the pump delivery from HDPE coupled mainline of Sprinkler system

b) Coupled Sprinkler Pipes
HDPE 6 mtrs long, duly coupled sprinker pipes
HDPE Pipes serve the purpose of mainline, submainline and laterals. They are connected to each other through coupler provided at the end of the pipe.

c) Elbow
(HDPE duly coupled 90 degree bend)
It is required for mainline, submainline and lateral at the time of turning of line in the field.

d) Tee
(HDPE Duly coupled equal Tee)
It is required for mainlinme, submainline and lateral for taking out the branches of respective lines.

e) End Cap
(HDPE Duly Coupled End Cap)
It is required to close the end of mainline, submainline and lateral.

f) Sprinkler Attachment and Foot batton It is the component on which the sprinkler assembly is attached through laterals . The Sprinkler Riser is attached through Foot batton.

g) Clamps and latches
Clamps and Latches are required to tighten the coupled end of pipe and other coupled components.

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