Automatic Filter


Automatic Screen Filters with electric or hydraulic operation, suitable for all applications and available in several micron sizes.


  1. Energy Efficient
    The consumption during the flushing cycle is minimal
  1. Wide Filtration Range
    Screens from 20 to 1000 micron (625 to 18 mesh)
  1. Versatility
    Sizes from 2” to 14”
  1. Resistance
    Temperatures to 60°C (140°F)
  1. Large Screen Surface
    Up to 21,300 cm2  (3300 sq.inch)
  1. Resistant Material
    The screen is made of high quality stainless steel which is very resistant to corrosion.
  1. Time Saving
    The filtration process continues during the flushing cycle
  1. Easy Installation
    The filters are delivered ready to be installed.
  1. Weave Screen element


AZUD LUXON filters continue to supply filtered water even during the flushing cycle.

The water flows into the filter through a pre-filter (LFH & LXE Series), and then to the inside of the screen.

The water then flows through the screen and the particles are retained on the inside of the screen of the filter element. The filtered water then flows out through the outlet manifold.

When the pressure differential increases to the pre-determined level, the flushing cycle starts.  A hydraulic valve opens on the drainage outlet and this provides the suction on the ends of the inner nozzles. These, together with the spiral movement along the screen, vacuum up the captured particles from the screen.  The captured solids are expelled through the drain valve.

The flushing time is pre-determined by the controller.  When the cycle is complete the flush valve closes and the process ends. The whole process uses a minimal amount of water.

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