Online Drip Emitters

Non Pressure Compensated Online Drippers

NPC Range of Online Drippers Ensure Maximum Performance

  • Model                        : S-25 & S-50
  • Discharge (lph)         : 4.0 & 8.0, 2.6 & 4.0   
  • Applications              : Tree Crops, orchard etc.

Great versatility & comfortable maintenance
High resistance to the products commonly used in fertigation

Pressure Compensated Online Drippers

PC Range of Online Drippers Ensure Perfect Performance

  • Discharge (lph)              : 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 8.0 & 12.0
  • Applications                   : Tree Crops, orchard, undulating lands etc.

Non drain dripper has pressurised opening and closing system
Ideal for hydroponic crops
Suitable for irrigation in terrace farming or areas with irregular topography
Ensures maximum precision for fertigation
Covers large areas of crop with longer lengths, maintains constant flow independently of working pressure