Urbanisation has led to a steep rise in investments in the real estate sector. It has taken on new dimensions as the exteriors and surrounding environment of a building are commanding equal importance as the interiors. People are growing more conscious of the value of aesthetics and we see this manifestation in most urban projects today.

Planning and managing landscapes or the exteriors, be it in commercial or residential complexes, public or private parks, urban institutions is a part of Landscaping. Planning a proper irrigation system for the Landscape is a major imperative for imparting a beautiful look to the Landscape. The concept of landscape irrigation has picked up in the country in last one-two decades. With the scarcity of water on the rise day by day, there has been an increase in the awareness for saving of the water available for irrigation. In the past decade, focus of the Indian builders has shifted to increasing the aesthetic ambience of the buildings and townships with advent of the concepts of Sustainability and Green building. 

Harvel offers an extensive range of landscape irrigation systems; from the basic manually operated Sprinkler systems to the state of the art ‘Automated’ systems using ‘Pop-Up’ Sprinklers/ Spray heads which not only irrigate but beautify the landscape visually by creating a pleasant visual impact. Harvel is not just an irrigation products vendor but a complete irrigation solutions provider as we design, supply, install and maintain sustainable irrigation solutions for our clients.

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